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Welcome to afpy.barcamp documentation!

afpy.barcamp was created to manage sessions and people registrations at PyCon FR 2008.


You can try afpy.barcamp on Linux (and maybe MacOs X) in an isolated sandbox. You first have to install Python 2.5 and Mercurial:

$ sudo aptitude install python2.5 mercurial

Then create the sandbox:

$ hg clone https://hg.afpy.org/afpy.barcamp/
$ cd afpy.barcamp
$ python bootstrap.py
$ ./bin/buildout

When it’s finished, you can run the application:

$ ./bin/zopectl fg

Then open in your browser

The admin account is admin/admin. After login, just create an application in the Grok administration panel, click on the new application. Now you can create a new event and allow people to register.